Safety mechanisms are built into MorehouseCowles equipment to ensure operators are able to run the machine safely. From blade guards for easy handling of impellers to safe guards such as limit switches to keep the machine from running in potentially unsafe situations, our machines are designed with a focus on safety.

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Safety Features Overview

Safety features include an impeller blade guard, shaft guard, tank limit switch, height limit switch, and a drive guard

Impeller Blade Guard

You could be accidentally injured if you bump into the blade while you are cleaning or maintaining the dissolver

Shaft Guard

Every V-series dissolver is equipped with a shaft guard that helps protect you while you are operating the machine

Tank & Height Limit Switch

Safety switch that prevents you from operating the unit if the tank is not correctly installed

Drive Guard

Covers the rotating belts and pulleys to protect you and your colleagues from injury. Can be removed for maintenance

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Safety features built into every V-series dissolver from MorehouseCowles. All are designed to help keep you safe