Genuine MorehouseCowles impellers have a unique design that significantly reduces dissolving time, making them the most efficient impellers available. For optimal performance, utilize only genuine MorehouseCowles impellers. MorehouseCowles offers the widest selection of off-the-shelf impeller designs in sizes from 2” to 40” in diameter.

COWLES Hi-Shear Impellers

Our Hi-Shear Impeller is used for ultimate dispersion, mixing, dissolving, emulsifying and de-agglomerating; it’s the go-to blade of our line. Whether dispersing low or high viscosity materials or mixing dry to liquid or liquid to liquid products, it offers the best combination of pumping and hi-shear. The original COWLES design is constructed of 304 stainless steel, but also available in 316 stainless steel and Tungsten carbide coated. See available sizes below.


The POLY-PELLER is used for similar applications as the hi-shear impeller, but it is designed for abrasive applications such as water based, or titanium-dioxide dispersions where the products cannot be in contact with metal. The POLY-PELLER is manufactured from a specially formulated material “Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene” (UHMWP), which is impervious to most solvents, conducts no electricity to eliminate the possibility of sparking, and is rated for continuous operation at 145°F. The unique POLY-PELLER lasts up to ten times longer than stainless steel impellers. Each side of the impeller is symmetrical, which means it can be turned over to double its usable life without degradation of process performance. See available sizes below.

Hi-Vane Impellers

Hi-Vane Impellers fill the intermediate range between low-speed and high-speed mixing. High-volume pumping action and radial flow promote better blending, while low shear minimizes temperature rise. The standard MorehouseCowles Hi-Vane Impeller is 304 stainless steel; however, optional metals and coatings are available. See available sizes below.

Pick Impellers

For rapid dispersion of fibrous materials or solid materials such as rubber, MorehouseCowles Pick Impeller alternates high-shear vanes with sharp horizontal blades for rapid cutting. Available in standard 304 stainless-steel or with optional metals and coatings. See available sizes below.

Available Impeller Sizes & Types

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