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Name your specifications and MorehouseCowles will build a ViscoMAX multi-shaft mixer to fit your application. Need a small model to test batches cost-efficiently in the lab? ViscoMAX comes as small as one-quart capacity. Want to scale up your formula for pilot and full-production runs? We'll design a ViscoMAX to deliver the product uniformity and batch circulation you want - even at viscosities exceeding 1,000,000 centipoise (cps).

Every ViscoMAX features at least two shafts to disperse material evenly throughout each batch. A high-speed impeller swirls ingredients throughout the tank. While a second, low-speed anchor blade wipes the vessel walls, pushing product continuously back into the high-shear zones for thorough mixing.

A third, optional intermediate-speed blade mixes product 50% faster than most two-shaft models. It eliminates dead spots or hot spots in heat or shear-sensitive products. Use all three blades simultaneously, or turn off the high-speed impeller and use with low-speed blade only for proper mixing conditions. Third shaft comes in standard and custom styles.

Viscomax Multi-Shaft Mixers
  • Greater product uniformity, finer batch circulation, minimal heat buildup.
  • Mixes/disperses high-viscosity products 50,000 to 4,000,000 centipoise.
  • 2hp to 350 hp motors available.
  • Wide variety of tank sizes and types available:vacuum/non-vacuum, flat/dish bottoms, carbon/stainless steel, jacketed/unjacketed.
  • Lab to pilot to production machines.
  • Designed for easy scaleup.
  • Slow anchor blade wipes vessel walls, pushes product to high-shear impellers.
  • High-speed blade(s) disperses products.
  • Optional third shaft handles high-viscosity and heat or shear-sensitive product.
  • Wide range of distinct blade designs.
  • Vacuum, pressure, heated or cooled tanks.
  • Many mounting and discharge options.
  • Processes latex paints, inks, sealants, coatings, caulks, cosmetics, foods, putties, dyestuffs, resins, plastics, ceramics, grease, wood fillers, epoxies, mastics, clays, adhesives and polymers.
  • Custom-designed units for your application.
  • Ram discharge presses available for all machines.
  • Explosion-proof models available.




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Morehouse Cowles
Morehouse Cowles

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