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Horizontal Media Mills

Zinger® Horizontal Media Mill

The U.S. Patent Office calls it #5620147. . .
You'll call it EIGHT TIMES as productive.

High-efficiency rotor vanes magnify media energy.
  • Radial rotor vanes draw the media/product mixture to the chamber center, then mechanically force it outward across specially shaped vanes, creating much higher shear energy that penetrates even high-viscosity products and disperses the most difficult materials.

  • Mechanical acceleration cuts product slippage (and friction) so more energy moves grinding media and less is dissipated in heating product.
Internal chamber bars recycle media faster.
  • Flow direction control bars inside the grinding chamber create many lower-energy shear zones to more efficiently disperse product.

  • These bars then redirect media back to the rotor so more of the media charge stays in continuous dispersion.

  • Convenient operator controls.

  • Improved product temperature control.

  • Custom-designed pressure seals.

  • Efficient discharge system needing no mill disassembly.

  • The total ZINGER design yields the highest productivity levels seen in horizontal mills. Available in lab, pilot and production sizes.
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