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Morehouse Cowles
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Equipment for all kinds of mixing, dissolving & dispersing

MorehouseCowles offers a complete line of milling equipment, dissolvers and dispersers ranging from laboratory units to a full line of sophisticated multi-shaft dissolvers and dispersers.

Follow the links to see some of our specific products, such as the
Zinger® horizontal media mill with its patented "vaned" rotor, which results in the high shear energy required for milling. Or the Visco/MAX multi-shaft dissolver that delivers superior
mixing and dispersing of high-viscosity products for greater uniformity, batch circulation and minimal heat buildup. And the original MorehouseCowles dissolver/disperser. We are the
only place you can get Genuine MorehouseCowles blades. We also offer a variety of vertical media (sand) mills, and colloid (stone) mills.

MorehouseCowles offers the largest selection of grinding media under one roof.



13930 Magnolia Ave.,
Chino, CA 91710 USA

Morehouse Cowles
Morehouse Cowles

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